Gloooballll Gaammme Jaammmm Jan. 20 - 22, 2017

Awwww yisss!!! It's that time of year again. Our favorite jam of all the jams.... GLOBAL GAME JAM 2017!!!! It's the one time of year that we get to let our hair(or beards) down, stop worrying about deadlines, requirements, sleeping and get to build games with our friends. This year as we gear up to Global Game Jam 2017 we will be working with our awesome partners and instructors at Goma Games to do a series of workshops in two awesome game development engines: PhaserJS and Unity3D! All workshops will be held at the Manoa Innovation Center at: 2800 Woodlawn Dr Honolulu, HI 96822 Full details and schedule can be found at the official Honolulu Global Game Jam website by the awesome folks at Airship CMS. Jr. Game Jam ARE YOU OR DO YOU KNOW A MIDDLE SCHOOL/HIGH SCHOOL student interested in coding and game development?! If so, we will also be hosting our own mini Global Game Jam at our Jr. DevLeague Academy for students. Feel free to drop in and participate or get in on the fun! The Jr. Game Jam will be located at our Jr. DevLeague location: 2375 S. King St. #102 Honolulu, HI »

Don't Miss the HACC Closing Ceremony - Sept. 24 - Aloha Tower

We have been thrilled to be event planning partners of the Hawaii Annual Code Challenge with the State of Hawaii over the last few months, assisting in the launch of the first ever, and soon to be annual, coding challenge. The team that they put together and the effort that went into planning the event was top notch and have done a bang up job in making this successful event and by all indications, we will have upwards of 30 something teams submitting challenges at the final event. The community has really rallied around the idea of putting their best foot forward and helping come up with creative solutions to some of the challenges encountered in the various organizations throughout the state. Final submissions and judging will take place: September 24 at Aloha Tower Marketplace! It's been an enlightening experience and we are stoked to see what kind of ideas will be presented for final submissions at the closing ceremony. Want to see the proposed solutions for yourself? Powered by Eventbrite Register today to see for yourself! »

DevLeague partners with State of Hawaii for first annual HACCathon

As you know we looove hackathons. We love the idea of people coming together, sharing ideas, building relationships and building solutions for anything and everything under the sun. We're proud to say that we have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to partner with the state and share our love of these events in helping the state set up their first annual Hawaii Annual Code Challenge!! The format for the event is slightly different than many other hackathons as it is not one action packed weekend focused on just trying to get something working on a short deadline. In the HACC event, teams will have a little more time to come up with creative solutions in a reverse pitch format. What this means is that various organization within the expansive State of Hawaii IT services departments will open up various data sets and present the public with some of the challenges, or needs they have and look to participants to come up with creative solutions. What we love about this event is that this is a great opportunity for those who would like to see new solutions that affect the general public have a voice and the ability to »

Intern Diaries: Surprise! Maker Fair 2016!

This morning I learned about node and bash and worked with Ray on getting them on my computer. It was a bit difficult finding Windows versions of stuff but it’s on and I can start playing around with it. What is node and bash? From my extremely basic understanding I’ve learned that node is a place where JavaScript prototyping can happen without the help of a browser and that bash is a place where you can talk computer (still trying to discover what that means). After setting all that up, we went to a maker fair! It was an unexpected and very cool surprise. At around noon we headed to Iolani High School and saw booths ranging from virtual reality demos to cosplay costume displays. There were drones racing in the baseball field outside and even a soldering workshop to make a cute little light up badge. I also got to see the full time cohort’s finished project and that was really awesome. They had a pixel painter connected to an LED display where you could input colors on the computer and have it show up on the LED in real time! I got inspired seeing so »


We are soooo stoked to be the Honolulu host for the NASA International Space Apps Challenge on April 22 - 24 at the Manoa Innovation Center. The NASA Space Apps Challenge is a global hackathon in which organizations are selected to represent their cities at host locations all over the world. NASA provides a large amount of “open data” as well as 6 distinct challenges for particpants to focus on and create innovative solutions around. The challenges this year are around: Technology, Aeronautics, Space Station, Solar System, Earth and Journey to Mars. This event in particular was special to us for a few reasons: First….cuz NASA! I think we all still have childhood fantasies of going to space, and I think we still kinda want to live on Mars. Secondly, and more importantly, we really liked that the event was targeted towards all STEM fields as a whole as opposed to just a single skillset. Part of our core mission at DevLeague is to build a strong technical community here in Hawaii, but so much of our focus is on software developers. Ohhh ohhh, sign me up today! This was a great opportunity to collaborate and bring attention to »