Intern Diaries: Surprise! Maker Fair 2016!

This morning I learned about node and bash and worked with Ray on getting them on my computer. It was a bit difficult finding Windows versions of stuff but it’s on and I can start playing around with it.

What is node and bash? From my extremely basic understanding I’ve learned that node is a place where JavaScript prototyping can happen without the help of a browser and that bash is a place where you can talk computer (still trying to discover what that means).

After setting all that up, we went to a maker fair!

It was an unexpected and very cool surprise. At around noon we headed to Iolani High School and saw booths ranging from virtual reality demos to cosplay costume displays. There were drones racing in the baseball field outside and even a soldering workshop to make a cute little light up badge.

I also got to see the full time cohort’s finished project and that was really awesome. They had a pixel painter connected to an LED display where you could input colors on the computer and have it show up on the LED in real time!

I got inspired seeing so much passion. It was also interesting to see how there were so many kids at this event learning more about tech at such a young age. Tech is growing so fast, I hope I can keep up!

Gina is currently an intern for DevLeague learning about Javascript and all of that cool tech stuff. When she's not busy plotting to save the world, she's learning new ways to code.