We are soooo stoked to be the Honolulu host for the NASA International Space Apps Challenge on April 22 - 24 at the Manoa Innovation Center.

The NASA Space Apps Challenge is a global hackathon in which organizations are selected to represent their cities at host locations all over the world.

NASA provides a large amount of “open data” as well as 6 distinct challenges for particpants to focus on and create innovative solutions around. The challenges this year are around: Technology, Aeronautics, Space Station, Solar System, Earth and Journey to Mars.

This event in particular was special to us for a few reasons:

First….cuz NASA! I think we all still have childhood fantasies of going to space, and I think we still kinda want to live on Mars.

Secondly, and more importantly, we really liked that the event was targeted towards all STEM fields as a whole as opposed to just a single skillset. Part of our core mission at DevLeague is to build a strong technical community here in Hawaii, but so much of our focus is on software developers.

Ohhh ohhh, sign me up today!

This was a great opportunity to collaborate and bring attention to other local industries of tech and science, to network, and see how our fields are complimentary and to show how those synergies can lead to truly innovative solutions.

With the focus of this event being broken down into 6 distinct challenges it really gives particpants a good direction on focusing on solutions that really are directed at improving the world around us and beyond...

We're excited to be working with a consortium of partners in innovation also committed to this journey through the galaxy including: HTDC, Ikayzo, Blue Startups, Comprendio, Goma Games, Thirty Meter Telescope and Sudokrew.

NASA Space Apps Challenge Coverage - KITV Channel 4

So, come out, join us, and let's build some crazy, out of this world stuff!!!

For more information and to register please visit: