Tech careers for military spouses in Hawaii

Start a career than can move with you. Become a JavaScript Web Engineer or Cyber Security Professional in as little as 16-weeks with DevLeagues immersive bootcamps.

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Our info session is a great opportunity for you to learn what you can expect from our program. We'll have hosts on hand who can answer questions about the specific needs of military veterans and spouses who want to transition into a career in tech.

Date: Monday, October 29, 2018
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location: BoxJelly
307a Kamani St, Honolulu, HI 96813


Get a job in Web Engineering

If you’re a military spouse looking for a career that is both flexible and mobile, you should seriously consider starting a career in Javascript Web Engineering. This growing career path has many positions available for people who want to work remotely. Military spouses are known to be adaptable and detail oriented, which are attributes that make for great software, or web, engineers.

Accepts the GI Bill® : Yes, our next cohort starts on Dec. 4, 2018.

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Get a job in Cyber Security

Everyday the number of businesses that move and store data online grows. Every business is looking for people who can protect and defend that data. If you’re looking for a reliable career path that has opportunities online and all over the world, consider starting a Cyber Security career in just 34-weeks, part-time.

This program is a great choice for anyone who already has a security clearance.

Accepts the GI Bill® : Yes, next course TBA

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Our immersive career training programs are focused on job-relevant skills that will help you transition into a career in tech, no experience required! Once you select a career track you will go through a collaborative application process that includes an interview with our founders and a coding challenge.



We offer both full and part time programs designed to fit your lifestyle. Our courses are hands-on and focused on building real world experience that you can take into your first tech job. You will learn new skills, attend networking events, learn interview techniques and write a tech focused resume. 


We won't forget about you after you graduate. Our graduates have access to our large network of employers and mentors, as well as our private job board. We are a well known talent provider in the local industry. Our Legends are well respected and work at places like Microsoft, Uber, and Booz Allen.